July 3, 2007

Back to Gravel

I'm back to working with gravel. I dug into a bag of Cherry Stone Grit I had in the garage (for spreading on the slippery sidewalks during the winter). Here's what it looks like after being rinsed. It's still a little wet in this picture. When it dries, it's not quite as dark.

I was curious to see how this would perform in one of my gravel art pieces. Here's a creation using the grit with a Krafty Lady mold purchased from After Midnight Stamps. It's mold number 128. For the column, I used paper clay painted with Lumiere paint (copper) followed by a blue acrylic paint rub.

For the background, I layed down a base of Radiant Rains on a piece of mat board. Then I mixed some of the grit into Golden Soft Gel and spread it on the mat board with a palette knife. If I do it again, I may mix some acrylic paint into the gel before spreading it. When it was dry I added highlights with Lumiere paint. Finally, I brushed on some additional Radiant Rains mists. You'll probably want to click on the picture below to see a bigger version.

It looks really different than the aquarium gravel pieces. The cherry stone grit is sharper and more angular. I like the look.


Adrienne Goodenough said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, Sally.

Anonymous said...

Cherry Stone Grit for art work?

Sounds wonderful. Let me know if you need an additional bag or two; I'll send em up, it's on us.

Q: Do you think you can do anything with large 4 ton boulders?

Jeff Carlstrom
General Manger
New Ulm Quartzite Quarries
(We make Cherry Stone Grit)