June 7, 2007

Another Aquarium Gravel Experiment

I've become so enamored of the aquarium gravel projects that I decided to combine my technique with a Krafty Lady mold. You'll have to click the pictures to see the detail.

I started the same way I did my last experiment with aquarium gravel. If you've read that one, you'll recognize it at this stage.

The difference is that I added a paper clay cast made with a Krafty Lady cameo mold I purchased from After Midnight. It's mold number 291. These molds are an absolute dream to use.

I glued down gravel and the cameo with cheap white glue and let them dry. Then I painted everything, including the cameo, with brown acrylic paint. I wiped most of the paint off the cameo right away, leaving only enough to highlight the details.

Here's a closeup of the cameo after the paint is mostly removed.

When the brown paint was dry, I highlighted the peaks in the textured areas with Lumiere Super Copper paint. I put a very small amount on the tip of my finger and rubbed most of it off on a piece of paper. I then dry rubbed the textured areas very lightly, so only the peaks would pick up the paint. I did the same with the graveled areas.

Here are some closeup photographs of the details.