October 27, 2007

Carved Wine Corks

On one of the Yahoo groups to which I belong we've been talking about rejectamenta. I love that word. Rejectamenta! These are pages from my PRACTICE journal using hand carved wine corks from my collection of rejectamenta. I stamped right after I carved them to see if I would be able to use the resulting images. I don't have any good examples of finished projects using these stamps. The stamped images are rustic and quite lovely.

The frame on the final practice page is stamped with a piece of styrofoam packaging. You know the kind. There were two of these in the box with the product snuggly wedged between them in the box. I coated it with acrylic paint and stamped with it.

EDIT: I've gotten a few questions about this post. Thought I'd post them with the answers.

Q: Did you stamp with ink or paint?

A: With the exception of the frame, which was stamped with acrylic paint, I used ink to stamp with the corks. I believe I was using pigment ink that day, but I'm not sure.

Q: How did you carve the cork?

A: I used a craft knife with a very sharp blade. I drew my design on the cork before carving. First I stabbed around the design about 1/8 inch deep and then cut around the edges. BE CAREFUL!! It's easy to slip when doing this. There are several tutorials online if you search on "cork stamps" or "wine cork stamps".