September 10, 2007

Metallic Popcorn Paper

On this example of painted popcorn paper, I rubbed metallic paste over the texture. I used Ruby Rub 'n Buff, followed by Patina Rub 'n Buff, followed again by Ruby. When dry I buffed to a shine, which doesn't show in the scan. This is very shiny and vibrant in real life. I like how it worked on the popcorn paper.

Stamping in Popcorn Paper

I stamped in some popcorn paper while the texture spray was still wet. Here are the results.

Both backgrounds were stamped with the same DeNami flower stamp. Either one could be used for a background for an ATC. The red one doesn't show the pattern of the flower stamp very well. It was painted with red metallic acrylic paint. Then I used my finger to dry-rub it with black acrylic glaze. For the white one, I rubbed the black acrylic glaze directly on the popcorn texture without any undercoat.

I think there are better mediums for stamping in texture, like modeling paste. I don't think I'll do this again with the popcorn paper technique.