June 1, 2007

Bleach & Paint Brushes

I had some friends over today and showed them how to do the bleach technique I blogged about earlier this week. I didn't have enough water barrel brushes to go around so I got out CHEAP Prang brushes that came with watercolors years ago.


Turns out they were natural bristle. They disintegrated right before our eyes. I was amazed at how quickly the bleach ruined them. Just ate 'em right up!!! And if that wasn't bad enough, the chemical reaction between the bleach and the dissolving brush kept the paper from bleaching out. So we not only wrecked the brushes, we wrecked the pictures!! Here's a before and after picture of the brushes.

So if you get cheap brushes for this technique, make sure they're also synthetic. Or use a Q-tip with a pointed end. They're available in the cosmetics aisle, along with that other useful craft tool, the cosmetic sponge.