May 30, 2007

Bleached Flowers

I got two great flower stamps designed by Zeborah Loray for After Midnight at the St. Paul Expo and decided to try them out today using a bleach painting technique. The first one is just stamped, embossed and bleached. The second one is stamped, embossed, bleached and colored with chalks using a water barrel brush.

I went back then and glazed the flowers. I glazed one leaf of the chalked flower with Diamond Glaze from the bottle and realized I didn't like how thick it was looking for such a large application. Plus, it had bubbles in it. So I switched to Golden Self Leveling Gel and brushed it on the rest. I like that much better. I've never tried to brush on Diamond Glaze. Maybe that would have worked. You can see the difference if you look at the larger version of the picture.

I used a sheet of black cardstock from The Paper Company Black & White Value Pack. Got it on sale at Michaels.

I use bleach straight from the bottle. I gave up on a gel bleach pen. I couldn't get results with it. To keep the bleach from bleeding outside the lines, I heat emboss the image in the color of the paper I'm using.

I haven't done that for a long time. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the simple techniques.