September 11, 2007

More Bag Beads

For all the beads described in this post, I used the same process for creating the bead as described in the Plastic Bag Bead post.

Tarkine Opal

Slogan Strip with Franklin Opals

If you click on the slogan you can see the strip that is cut from the Archivers bag. The bag is translucent, not clear and without color. I put an orange strip of paper behind it in an attempt to make the translucent strip show up in the scan.

This is the bead resulting from shrinking the strip cut from the Archiver's bag with the slogan written on it. It looks rather like a pearl.

Alcohol Ink with Plastic Bag Strip

I applied Wild Plum and Stream alcohol ink to a portion of a translucent plastic bag, as show below. I cut this into strips about half of an inch wide and about twelve inches long.

The beads resulting from this application are a little like amethyst. It's difficult to tell from the scan, but they are square, albeit, primitive squares.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Just gorgeous Sally wow they really look like lampwork beads! What are Franklin Opals ?

liannallama said...

wow! you are so creative! Your beads are all wonderful!