September 12, 2007

Addition to Plastic Bag Bead Making Description

I added a step to the description of the bead making process. This step is done just prior to rolling the bead in the Franklin Opals.

The beads tend to be thicker in the center as they melt, so I used a second knitting needle to gently push the thinner ends toward the middle while holding the bead in front of my heat gun. Then I rolled the beads across the clean sheet of paper again to smooth them out. This makes for a more uniform shape. If you're going for the irregular look, skip this step.


CaBaCuRl said...

Pleased to have found your blog via Latest Trends Yahoo group, and dying to try the bead technique.

Carol said...

Sally you are so creative, you're beads are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your techniques with all of us. I want more people to see your work so I have tagged you. If you want to play visit my blog.

Sally Niemand said...

Carol -- Thank you for your kind words about my art work. Carol also has an interesting blog. Visit her at