May 29, 2007

Wood Heart

I've been cleaning up my studio to make room for all the products I bought from After Midnight Art Stamps at the St. Paul Expo. I found a bunch of wood shapes that I've had for ages. Can't even remember why I bought them. I wondered if it would work to use Opals and Fantasy Film on them. I gotta do something with 'em!

I smeared the wood with my Versamark pad and coated it with black Opals. Then I melted it with my heat gun and added the Fantasy Film. Here's how it turned out.

I had one problem. After it cooled the Fantasy Film separated from the Opal layer. Perhaps I didn't use enough of the Opals. Probably should have done more layers so it could get more molten before I applied the film. I used Crystal Lacquer to reattach it and it's been fine since.

What I like about this is how light it is. It would make a good card embellishment.

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